The art of positioning

Digital transformation, technology and data are today’s buzzwords in business and life. But let’s be honest: technology delivers no discriminating power. Yes, embracing new technology is important these days, but it offers no guarantees when building a strong competitive advantage.

We believe marketing is about human beings. About values and emotions. About our ‘raison d’être’. In the digital world, where data and algorithms are the new standard, we help organizations truly touch the hearts of their audience. We believe positioning is an art. And we understand this art like no other.

The Conflict Resolution
Over the last decade, we developed a unique method to help brands find their true relevance and meaning. A proven concept. The essence of this method is surprisingly easy. A brand has to solve the conflict in their market. In our brand workshop, we focus on uncovering the key conflict in the marketplace. Read more about this method in Marc Oosterhout’s most recent book, Power Brands 2.0

Ralph Wisbrun 01

Ralph Wisbrun

Ralph has a long history in marketing and advertising. For years, Ralph was managing director at various thriving agencies such as PPGH/JWT, UbachsWisbrun en JWT Amsterdam. Ralph was responsible for a range of successful brand operations for brands like ING, ZIGGO, Randstad, Nationale Nederlanden, Plus, Mediamarkt and many more. His focus is branding for business: how to translate a brand promise into an effective business-strategy

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Marc Oosterhout

Marc is honored as one of the best brand strategists of the Netherlands. He wrote several books about branding. His last book Power Brands 2.0 was a bestseller. Marc was one of the founders of the successful brand agency N=5. And he was responsible for a broad range of brand strategies, for brands such as KPN, NS (Dutch railways), ABN AMRO, Menzis, Eneco, PwC, SOS Kinderdorpen and Bols Cocktails.

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